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Development Programme

19th November, 2020

Our focus has always been on delivering high-quality, affordable housing to communities across Herefordshire and Shropshire. We know that one size doesn't fit all, so we're building a mixture of affordable rent, Shared Ownership and Independent Living homes to suit the needs of both our tenants and their communities. Find out what homes we're building in your area below.


Hereford - Bath Street

74 Affordable Homes

Start on site: February 2019

Practical completion: Phase 1 (27 x Affordable Rent) - January/Feb 2021. Phase 2 (47 x Affordable Rent) - Summer 2021.

Bath Street - June 2020
Hereford - Beattie Avenue (Phase 1)

27 homes (23 x Affordable Rent, 4 x Rent to Buy)

Start on site: January 2020

Practical completion: May 2021

Beattie Avenue - June 2020
Hereford - Highmore Street

7 homes

Start on site: March 2020

Practical completion: March 2021

Highmore Street, Hereford
Hereford - Tillington Road

44 homes

Start on site: April 2020

Practical completion: April 2021

Tillington Road, Hereford - October
Burghill - Pyefinch Meadow

8 homes (3 x Affordable Rent, 5 x Shared Ownership)

Start on site: August 2018

Practical completion: December 2020

Pyefinch Meadow, Burghill
Hereford - Eign Mill Road

11 homes (2 x Affordable Rent, 9 x Shared Ownership)

Start on site: March 2020

Practical completion: April 2020

Eign Hill Road, Hereford


Oswestry - Middleton Road

38 homes for Independent Living

Start on site: November 2019

Practical completion: July 2021

Middleton Road, Oswestry - March 2020
Ford - Cross Gates Meadow

32 homes (13 x Affordable Rent, 16 x Shared Ownership)

Start on site: February 2019

Practical completion: November 2020

Ford, Shropshire
Bishops Castle - Oak Meadow & Ox Leasow

24 homes (12 x Affordable Rent, 12 x Shared Ownership)

Start on site: March 2019

Practical completion: October 2020

Oak Meadow, Bishops Castle
Craven Arms - Roman Road (Phase 2)

10 homes (10 x Affordable Rent)

Start on site: June 2020

Practical completion: December 2020