Ending Your Tenancy

Ending your tenancy: what you need to know

  • We want to make sure that if you decide to end a Connexus tenancy you have all the information you need to help make the process as easy as possible. 
  • Your obligations on ending your tenancy are set out in your tenancy agreement. 
  • Please follow the advice provided in this leaflet to avoid any unnecessary expense by, for example, failing to give us proper notice or by leaving your property in an unacceptable condition. 

Giving us notice that you want to end your tenancy 

1. Transferring Tenants 

  • If you ARE moving to another Connexus property you do not need to give us notice. However, you must return the keys to the property you are moving out of by the due date. We will write to you and tell you when this is. 

2. Tenants who are not transferring 

  • If you ARE NOT moving to another Connexus property, please make sure that you give us at least 4 weeks notice of your intention to move out. 
  • As your tenancy is a legally binding contract we can only accept written notice. You can either put this in a letter, or you can contact us and ask for a Tenancy Termination Form. 

What happens when I have given notice? 

Once we have received your notice we will write to you to let you know: 

  • The date on which your tenancy will end and that the keys should be returned to us on, or before this date. 
  • That we will need to visit your home to ensure that your property is left in a reasonable condition ready for the next tenant. 

You remain responsible for the payment of rent on the property you are leaving  until the tenancy end date. 

What condition do I have to leave my property in when I move out? 

Your Tenancy Agreement sets out the condition in which you must keep your home whilst you are a tenant and the condition it must be left in when you move out. Please make sure that you meet these responsibilities by: 

  • Leaving the property in good repair, good decorative order and in a clean condition. 
  • Removing all furniture, personal possessions and rubbish – don’t forget to clear the loft, garden and any sheds or outbuildings. 
  • Making sure that the garden is left in a tidy condition and is not overgrown. 
  • Carrying out any repairs, replacement of fittings or other works the inspector has advised you about. 
  • If you have left the property or gardens in a poor condition, and we have had to spend money to put this right, we will carry out the necessary work and send you the bill. 
  • If you have been offered a transfer to another Connexus property and have not carried out work we have requested you to do, the offer of this new home will, unfortunately, have to be withdrawn. 

Do I need to read my electricity meter and any gas or water meters? 

You are responsible for reading the electricity meter and any gas or water meters before you leave the property.  

  • You will also need to make sure that you pay any final bills. 
  • Please ensure that you tell your supplier/s: 
  • The date you are leaving the property 
  • Your meter reading/s 
  • Your new address 

What about my post? 

  • You can arrange for the Post Office to forward any mail for you. Charges vary according to how long you use this service. 
  • We cannot tell the tenant who moves into the property your new address, so please make sure that you notify everyone who needs to know. 

What about my Housing Benefit? 

If you are receiving Housing Benefit it is your responsibility to inform your county Council’s Benefits Team of your change of circumstances (including your moving dates)

If you have any questions about your tenancy or moving out, we will be happy to discuss them with you and if you're leaving us, we hope you feel we've provided the service you'd expect contact us.