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Customers have the opportunity to work with us and to make sure that we make good on our promise of delivering good quality affordable housing.

We want you to be open with us and tell us about your good and bad experiences of our service. With your feedback and involvement, we can make sure our services are focused on what matters most to you.


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What's in it for you?

Find out what it means to get involved

What's in it for you?

  • The opportunity to actively check and challenge and improve your service
  • Improve your CV and develop new skills with training opportunities
  • Develop your community team working skills

Things you can do

  • Check and challenge Connexus policies and practices to improve your service
  • Actively monitor Connexus compliance (things like gas safety)
  • Take part in focus groups and consultations (it doesn't have to take long and can be online or over the phone)

The end goal

  • An even better service
  • Better community relationships
  • Improved confidence in what Connexus does
  • Connexus makes decisions based on what matters to the customer

Details about what you can become involved with

Customer Involvement

A group of customers who have expressed a wish to be involved in consultations and focus groups. We will keep this group informed by email or post of the latest opportunities and they can choose if they want to be involved. Such involvement opportunities include:

  • Consultations – online/post/in person

This is an ad hoc involvement opportunity, where we will consult you about our services, whether ongoing or a proposed change to the service. 

  • Focus groups

Customers who come together for a limited time to discuss a particular service, or to review a new or existing policy, giving you the chance to shape how the service  is delivered. Such opportunities could include reviewing policies about Anti social behaviour, pets, planned maintenance and the customer offer. Or it could be getting involved in a tender to appoint contractors.

  • Feedback surveys

We use IFF Research, a market research company to contact customers on our behalf to ask about your experience of Connexus. Answering the questions, whether by phone or online, to let us know about your experience, plays a vital role in helping us improve

Check & Challenge

Check & Challenge

Regular opportunities to play a key role in monitoring our services and to challenge Connexus with the aim of driving improvements.

This group have the most direct influence on service and make recommendations to our Senior Management Team as well as providing updates to the Customer Service Committee on their findings.

Complaints Review group

Quarterly meetings to review a selection of anonymised complaints to discuss how Connexus dealt with the complaints to ensure it is handling complaints fairly, that it does what it should to put things right and to identify what Connexus can learn from the complaints.

Members of this group may also be asked to assist our senior manager when they are reviewing a complaint at stage two of our complaints process to provide an impartial view.

Tenant auditors

Monitor our work in compliance, like gas servicing and fire risk assessments and carry out desktop checks. Get involved in inspections in your local area.

Community Projects

Get involved in your community

Support our initiatives by helping us at a local event

Put forward ideas from you and your neighbours about how to improve your area or community, and where realistic, we will work with you to build good working relationships in your community and help turn the idea into a reality

If it is a big project, you’d need to apply to the Community Development Fund, but we can also look at working with you on smaller scale projects

Examples of projects could include:

  • Communal area clean ups
  • Use of community garden spaces
  • Creating a communal garden – for social use/growing veg etc
  • Skip days