Grounds Maintenance

This page lets you know what you can expect from our Grounds Maintenance service.

Please note that schedules are subject to weather conditions.

Grass areas

Grass cutting takes place during the growing season (between March and October). We aim to cut grass areas on a 2-3 weekly basis.

Wildflower/rough ground areas are cut on 2 occasions per year.

Shrub beds

Shrub bed maintenance take place on 3 occasions per year:-

  • April-May -weed spray/litter pick
  • July-Sept – pruning shrubs, litter pick and weed control
  • Nov-Dec- Pruning shrubs, litter pick and weed control


Communal trees and trees in tenanted gardens are inspected on a 2 yearly basis by an approved tree inspector.

Any health and safety recommendations identified during these inspections are then carried out.

Hedge cutting

Hedge cutting takes place twice a year:

  • July - Sept - cut 1
  • Nov - Dec - cut 2

Hard surfaces

Maintenance takes place on 3 occasions per year:

  • Visit 1 April - May weed spray
  • Visit 2 July - August weed spray
  • Visit 3 Jan - Feb remove detritus and litter

Leaf clearing

Leaf clearing takes place during the autumnal months and the number of visits depends on the volume of trees and leaves in those locations.

Play inspection

Our play parks are visited on a regular basis to check equipment safety, empty bins and remove litter and detritus

Service charges

You will be made aware of any communal service charges before you first sign your Tenancy Agreement. The service charge is based on measurements of communal areas and standard costs applied to them. The overall costs for the grounds maintenance in your area will be split across all properties, including tenants, shared owners, leaseholders and private owner-occupiers.