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Winter energy-saving home hacks

Winter's here! Gone are those long summer days when we could keep are windows open... now it's all about staying warm.

We've got 3 home hacks for helping you to stay warm and keep those bills down.

Top 3 winter Home Hacks

Meter Check

Energy - only pay for what you use

Taking a gas and electricity reading each month and giving this to your energy supplier will make sure that your bills are always correct, and you’re paying the right amount. Of course, an easy way to do this is to speak to your energy provider to get a Smart Meter installed in your property.


Boiler Pressure

A working boiler is vital to keeping your home warm in the Winter. A well maintained boiler's not only safe, but can save money too. We recommend checking boiler pressure to make sure it's at the correct level. This can be done by finding the pressure gauge on your boiler and checking it is in the green zone.

If you’re having to constantly top-up your boilers pressure, please let us know.


Save money on your heating bills

The Governments Warm Homes Discount scheme is available to people on:

  • Low incomes
  • Some pension credits

This means that people could be eligible for a one-off discount on their electricity bill between September and March. All the info is here.

Even more home hacks

Freezing conditions? Heating not working? It could be your Condensate Pipe

Your Condensate Pipe can be found outside your home, they can freeze over causing your boiler to stop working. If this happens, and the pipe is easily and safely accessible, you can unblock it by carefully pouring warm water over it. Please make sure you do this safely and away from children or pets.

Condensation, how to reduce it

As the weather gets colder, it can mean condensation is more likely to build up in your property. There are lots of things you can do to help prevent this, including keeping the internal kitchen door closed and the window open while cooking and if you have one, using your extractor fan when showering.



Test your alarms

We rely on our boilers during the winter, this can make us vulnerable to carbon monoxide. This is extremely dangerous and can kill. Test your carbon monoxide detectors at least once a month to make sure they are working. While you’re there, check your smoke alarms too – it could save your life.