Better Value Together

Welcome to the Better Value Together Page!

Delivering better value together is a key focus for social housing providers, ensuring investment in current assets, delivery of new and that service provision to you, our customers, is efficient, ensuring your money is well spent and optimising the use of resources..

What does Better Value Together mean?

Good question!  Better Value Together is the balance of understanding what matters most to you, and delivering the best possible service for the most efficient cost, and all the work we complete as a business to help understand and make that happen.  You may have previously heard the term Value for Money, but we didn't feel this was the best representation, and so Better Value Together was chosen. We're hoping we've got all the information you need here in one place, however, if we've missed anything or you would like more information on the content already available, then please let us know on

What type of work does Better Value Together include?

Better Value Together includes a range of different activities, we've included these below.

  • Confirming the objectives to be achieved and our approach via the Value for Money Strategy
  • Benchmarking (comparing) our costs to other housing providers through our benchmarking partner I4H
  • Raising awareness and supporting the business in delivering better value, through our Better Value Together Champions, Better Value Together Group and Better Value Together Project
  • Capturing efficiencies via the Better Value Together Log
  • Showcasing our commitment to delivering social value
  • Overseeing the Contracts Register and Procurement Plan

Better Value Together Log

Our Better Value Together Log shows all the efficiencies made during the current financial year. 

Better value doesn’t always mean going with the cheapest option, we want to make sure we get the best quality product or service for the best price!  All of our colleagues help to contribute to achieving this in many different ways, this might be negotiating on a quote, the way we assess a tender or booking themselves onto a course where discounts or offers are available and so much more!  Sometimes it may still cost us the same but we improve a process to help it to work better, saving time or increasing customer satisfaction.  All these things and more help to deliver better value together.

During 2020/21 we created an incredible £598,319.75 of efficiencies which was reinvested back into the business.

Social Value

Social value is more than just reporting, it’s a way of thinking that seeks to understand the positive impact we have on our customers and communities, contributing to your long-term wellbeing.

Last year we achieved an outstanding £26,245,626, of which our Support Services Team contribution was £15,973,695.

Our Customers: Making A Difference

It's really important to us that our customers are involved and help to influence change, ensuring the customer voice is heard.