Your landlord has become Connexus

30th March, 2020

From the start of April; Herefordshire Housing, Meres and Mosses Housing Association and South Shropshire Housing Association have become Connexus. This to help us to better deliver our services, in both the long term, but also during the Corona Pandemic.

In July 2017 your landlord became part of Connexus, but until now, it had retained it's own names and branding. From April 2020 we will be working as one, this will help us to further streamline our governance and bring us together as one organisation.

Housing Officer

What does this mean for you?

You've probably already seen the new vans, and our repairs colleagues in their new uniforms. We will, of-course continue with the same teams that you already know.  Pulling our landlords together now, under one brand, will allow us to deliver cost savings and focus on better delivering our services.

Connexus from the start of April, will extend to all our colleagues, websites and the communications that you receive from us.