Universal Credit - Update

14th September, 2021

If you are receiving Universal Credit, you may already be aware that the £20 per week uplift payment, put in place by the Government in March 2020, is coming to an end in October this year.


How much will your Universal Credit be reduced by?

All assessments with a Monthly Assessment Period (MAP) ending on or after 6th October 2021 will have the normal (reduced), standard allowance applied as follows:

  • Under £25 (single) – will reduce from £344 to £257.33
  • 25 and over (single) – will reduce from £411.51 to £324.84
  • Couple under 25 – will reduce from £490.60 to £403.93 per couple
  • 25 and over (couple) – will reduce from £596.58 to £509.91 per couple


Please make sure you are prepared for this change. Paying your rent is a priority - If you are worried about how you will manage, we have a specialist tenancy sustainment team who can provide advice on benefits, maximising your income and budgeting.


To speak to the team, call 03332 313233 or send an email to tenancysustainmentteam@connexus-group.co.uk

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