Scrutiny - Have your say

17th September, 2021

Customers are scrutinising our Communications – you can to!

Are you interested in hearing from our managers about how we communicate with you?

Do you want to hear how we manage and process your queries?

Do you have experiences and feedback that could help us improve our services?

Can you explore our processes and recommend better ways of working, making improvements to the services you receive?

The scrutinising project is on Wednesday 22nd September and Wednesday 29th September in the evening.

If you would like to take part (places are limited) and be involved email:

We have started looking at a Scrutiny Bootcamp project – this is similar to traditional scrutiny which always sounds scarier than it is and the bootcamp part is that we are doing the whole process over 2 days and that’s it.

We have a great group of customers who are dedicated to helping share customer experience and also helping staff and Connexus to develop better more focused ways of working that increase satisfaction for customers and easy working processes for staff.

To start with we have been working with Tpas – Tenant Engagement Experts. They have attended a couple of our customer meetings where they have helped shape how we work with these customers and helped them decide how to look at topics.

As this was our first scrutiny project we suggested that customers reviewed communications, as existing evidence from surveys and general feedback showed that there is dissatisfaction with how we communicate with customers.  We had a recruitment drive and now have a base group of involved customers who we will support to become a new scrutiny group. Customers can drop in and out of the reviews depending on relevance to them, but we hope to have a core group who will monitor our performance and choose the scrutiny topics

The scrutiny bootcamp days are in two parts -

  • First part will consist of a number of presentations from staff and CEO about how their role plays a part in customer touchpoints and communicating with customers, the customers will then have a breakout room where they discuss the benefits and issues as well as customer experience and then a Q&A session.
  • Second part will be an open discussion with staff about what could work better, barriers to better working, customer expectations, customer satisfaction and to develop a list of recommendations that actually work for staff and customers and that can be done. It’s about having an honest conversation about making changes and recommendations that can be done and that fits in with the business and strategic plans.

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