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Safe and sound! Withington development wins Secured By Design award.

12th August, 2020
Our new development at Withington, Herefordshire has won Gold-level Secrued By Design award
A 3-bedroom home for Affordable Rent at our development in Withington, Herefordshire.

Home security. It’s one of those things that nobody enjoys thinking about (nobody feels comfortable imagining an intruder in their home) but that sadly every household must consider. Crimestoppers estimate that a burglary takes place in the UK every 40 seconds and shocking stats like these have led to many households fitting burglar alarms, extra locks and even CCTV to thwart any would-be intruders.

Established in 1989, the Secured By Design award encourages a fresh approach by recognising the vital role that the design and planning of new housing developments can play in combatting burglary. The award was set-up to counteract waves of new, cheaply built estates built in the 1960s, 70s and 80s that had seemingly zero concern for security (many featured poorly fitted and easily removable first-generation double glazing, with a wider built environment, filled with hidden walkways and subways, providing a haven for criminal activities where escape routes were everywhere).

At the start of this project, we set EG Carter a target of achieving the Secured By Design Silver Award – recognising the importance of residents feeling safe and secure in their homes. Working closely with the contractor, right from the planning stage and through into the construction, has allowed us to go one further and deliver the Gold Award. A big achievement for us, but even bigger news for our customers.
Victoria Tomlinson, Director of Property, Connexus

Connexus worked with contractor EG Carter to secure the Gold-level Secure By Design award at our forthcoming affordable development in Withington, Herefordshire (due for completion January 2021). The 33 new homes (including 6 for Affordable Rent, 22 for Rent to Buy and 5 for Shared Ownership) all feature the latest in secure window and door specifications, with the fencing and gates on each property also fully compliant with the highest Secured By Design standard. Crime reduction and prevention techniques have also been considered in the design and layout of the entire development, further encouraging the Secured By Design inspector to award Withington their highest honours.

We are delighted to have worked with Connexus to procure and now deliver these new homes at Withington, Hereford. It is always satisfying to achieve scheme-specific accreditations and this Secure by Design Gold Award is an example of the collaborative way the project has been delivered by the whole team. New residents can be fully confident that the project has been designed and constructed with their security and safety in mind.
Matthew Vye, Associate Director, EG Carter