Recycling Week 2021

20th September, 2021

It's Recycling Week (20th to 26th September), the theme for this year is 'Step It Up this Recycle Week'. This theme has been chosen to rally a movement in combating the Climate Crisis. During a difficult COVID-19 pandemic where we haven’t had much control on day-to-day events, recycling is something we can have control over. The urge is for everybody to step it up this Recycle Week and join the fight against climate change!

Connexus is committed to reducing waste. Working in partnership with our suppliers we continually employ innovative strategies to reduce our waste to landfill rates while engaging a practical application approach to the waste hierarchy – Prevent, Prepare for Reuse, Recycle, Generate Energy, Disposal.

An example of this is that Crown recycle all empty paint containers, some of these are turned into benches which our Group Procurement Manager organises to be placed within our Communities.

We have a bench waiting so please message your suggestions of where you would like this placed.

Every day most of us help to stop climate change through small but powerful habits – like reducing waste, reusing items and recycling. We know environmental concerns are still on the increase, so we need to do more. We need to do it now. And we need to act together. It’s time to join the fight against climate change. Step It Up this Recycle Week!

Test your recycling knowledge with our fun quiz

1) Which of these items can NOT be recycled 

a)    Tin foil 
b)    Used pizza boxes 
c)    Batteries 
d)    Glass

2) Old underwear cannot be recycled. True or false?

a)    True
b)    False

3) Which of the following items CAN be recycled?

a)    Bubble wrap
b)    Empty aerosol cans
c)    Sticky notes
d)    Toothpaste tubes

4) What does WEEE stand for?

a)    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 
b)    Waste and Environmentally Efficient Electronics 
c)    Water Energy for Efficiency Execution 
d)    Winter Environment for Electrics and Equipment 

5) How much waste goes to UK landfill each year?

a)    100 million tonnes
b)    14 million tonnes
c)    2 million tonnes
d)    35 million tonnes 

6) How much food does the average UK household throw away each year?

a)    £2000 worth 
b)    £100 worth 
c)    £800 worth 
d)    £450 worth 

7) Glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times. True or false?

a)    True
b)    Fasle 

8) How much plastic do we produce each year?

a)    125 million tonnes
b)    800 million tonnes 
c)    50 million tonnes 
d)    300 million tonnes

9) Which country has the best recycling rate?

a)    Wales
b)    Canada
c)    Germany 
d)    Ecuador 

10) Finally, where does England rank on the world recycling chart?

a)    Number 18
b)    Number 4
c)    Number 38
d)    Number 22


1 – b, used pizza boxes are covered in grease which clogs recycling machinery.
2 – b, it's false. Any old or worn clothing can be recycled. 
3 – b, empty aerosol cans can be recycled. 
4 – a, WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
5 – b, around 14million tonnes of waste is sent to landfill each year.
6 – c, the average UK household throws away around £800 worth of food each year. 
7 – a, it's true. Glass can be recycled over and over without losing any of its strength. 
8 – d, approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year, 50% of which is for single use. 
9 – c, Germany has the best recycling rate in the world at 66.1%. Ecuador has one of the worst at 1.8%. 
10 – a, England is ranked number 18 on the world recycling chart with a 45.2% recycling rate.