National Inclusion Week

29th September, 2021

It's National Inclusion Week (27th September - 3rd October)  #unitedforinclusion

Connexus is committed to ensuring that we offer an inclusive workplace, following the launch of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, we asked Hayley Barnard, a motivational speaker, with a passion for diversity and inclusion, to join us at our all colleague day. Hayley shared her own experiences with our colleagues and explored how we can celebrate our differences and work in a more inclusive way.

Connexus, aims to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and our colleagues feel engaged with our business and empowered to be their true selves. We also want to ensure that our customers have a voice and that any contact they have with us they feel respected, listened and heard.

Building on our EDI programme,  we are going to be offering revised and updated EDI training to all colleagues, together with `Let’s talk about’ subject focused sessions.

Recognising and celebrating Black History month, we will be starting our let’s talk about sessions with: `Let’s talk about Black Lives Matter’

These bite-sized sessions are a safe space for us to have curious conversations and learn more about the topic of the session.

We would welcome any of our customers who wanted to come along and share their experiences with our colleagues. If you a customer of Connexus and would be interested in sharing your experience with us, then please contact us