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Learning at Work Week 2021 - investing in our teams

19th May, 2021
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Learning at home

During Learning at work week we wanted to reflect on the past year and how we have all had to adapt to change, but still invest in our colleagues and our apprenticeship opportunities.  

Connexus supports and encourages the development of its teams and actively looks to recruit apprentices as they are a fantastic opportunity for the group to grow and shape its own talent. During the pandemic this has been no different and we have been actively looking to recruit apprentices into the organisation. During the past year we have successfully welcomed 9 apprentices into areas across the business including: Repairs and Maintenance, Governance, ICT and Assets, Customer Services. All of these amazing apprentices will be on a unique journey, taking them from novice to skilled colleagues, while aligning with, and contributing to, the Connexus vision and values. Connexus invests in its apprentices helping them develop their practical skills and knowledge which not only benefits the apprentice but gives the group a return on its investment, making them truly a real asset to have within the business.

One of our Apprentices Laura Fox, part of our Development Team had this to say about her experience, working but also undertaking an apprenticeship

I wanted to take part in an apprenticeship to expand my knowledge, specifically my technical knowledge around construction whilst also working and being able to develop these skills and knowledge to do my job effectively. An apprenticeship for me was the perfect solution and enabled me to achieve my goals. I found the course interesting, and each module covered different things I can relate to to my job role; which also expanded my skills and knowledge. Although this has been difficult in the current climate with it all being held virtually, and at times this has posed some difficulties in communication and understanding, I do feel however that I have progressed and achieved well in my assignments. From my apprenticeship I will gain a HNC and an NVQ, but also the confidence in my day-to-day job that I do know the answer and that I should believe in myself.
Laura Fox, Development Team at Connexus

Alongside our apprentice schemes, we run development courses, activities and learning for all members of Connexus and like many organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to adapt the way we do things.

With adversity always brings opportunity and what a year it has been for learning and development and our apprentices and colleagues. Our Learning and Development Team quickly adapted to delivering training virtually using the WebEx Training Platform. Not only did the team have to learn new skills quickly to deliver training in this way, but they also had to coach every participant to use the application. It certainly has been a steep learning curve and it proves how versatile and proactive we all are.

This year alone the team have delivered 60 virtual learning activities and 561 participants attended, alongside supporting colleague’s individual learning courses and apprenticeships.

As the Government lockdown eases, and life gets back to some sort of normality we feel virtual learning is here to stay, but alongside more traditional learning methods.