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Learning with Connexus

21st May, 2021
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Learning takes many forms

Learning at Connexus

Learning at work is important and it has direct implications for the workplace and the colleague themselves. Learning is linked to higher morale, increased production, decreased employee turnover, increased consistency, decreased team weakness and increased company reputation.

Connexus supports and encourages the development of its teams and actively looks to recruit apprentices as they are a fantastic opportunity for the group to grow and shape its own talent.

To end Learning at Work Week 2021 – made for learning – we took some time out to speak to colleagues who have been undertaking training with us, whether this is personal development, apprenticeships or management training to instil in our managers the skills they need to effectively run their teams. Here is what they had to say.

The part of my role I loved most was delivering training sessions, however, there is much more to the role than that. To analyse the skills gaps in the organisation, find relevant development opportunities, work strategically, and help to lead digital transformation in Learning and development, all require new knowledge, skills and behaviours. This is exactly what an apprenticeship can help me to develop. Taking on an apprenticeship just as a worldwide pandemic broke out was and is quite daunting. The positive side is that this has provided a myriad of learning opportunities. Due to the small size of our team I have been able to work closely with our business partner, Anne, and shadow her while she delivered training to our management team as well as adult and children’s safeguarding. Sometimes this forces me out of my comfort zone, and this is where the real learning happens.

If I'm successful I will gain a level 5 qualification as a learning and development consultant, along with associated knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of that position.

Not only am i benefitting from this experience, Connexus will too. L&D consultants help to align the service they deliver more closely to the corporate aims and objectives, working closely with key stakeholders to ensure that not only individuals but the organisation as a whole learns and develops. This helps to embed the golden thread from corporate plan to individual objectives. New projects and systems generally require new knowledge and skills, by having an L&D consultant at the table during the early stages Connexus can ensure that they are rolled out in the most effective way.
Pete, Learning and Development Officer, undertaking Level 5 Apprenticeship in learning and development consultancy

We also asked two other team members about their thoughts, good or bad, about their own learning experience with Connexus. We asked Melissa and Zack to make a short video, when they felt comfortable to with their honest feedback. Melissa is one of our Data Analyst who recently undertook our Aspiring Leadership Programme. Zack is currently undertaking an apprenticeship as an ICT Analyst. Here is what they had to say about their learning experience with us.