Fire Door Safety Week

21st September, 2021

Fire doors help prevent the spread of flames and smoke up to 30 or 60 minutes in the event of a fire. They provide vital protection to anyone inside a building, giving them time to either get to safety or be rescued. External Fire Doors provide a safe passageway to escape in case of a fire or emergency.  Fire doors help to save lives and prevent injury in a fire.  In effective fire doors pose a risk to fire safety. 

Fire door

New guidance has been issued to all landlords to evaluate the performance of fire doors in their properties.  In line with this guidance, we are undertaking a full review and inspecting fire doors in all our flats and retirement living communities.

Fire doors are found at the entrance to individual homes in communal blocks. The doors are there for your protection and it is part of our commitment to your safety that we undertake to inspect EVERY fire door in ALL of these buildings TWICE a year. 

We will write to you when our surveyors are in your area. Please look out for that letter and ensure that you are available to give us access to your home so that we can inspect your fire door.

Fire Door Safety Week

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