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Connexus invests in future leaders

15th April, 2021
Connexus colleagues in canteen
Our Aspiring Leadership Programme is just one way that Connexus invests in colleagues, benefiting their personal development and the services we provide to our customers.

“Not more training!” is a refrain heard throughout workplaces up and down the country, and when it comes to mandatory online modules and seemingly endless multiple-choice tests…we can certainly sympathise. But here at Connexus, we see training as an opportunity for you and the business: helping our colleagues to learn and develop helps us to provide better quality services to our customers.

Aspiring Leadership Programme

Nowhere is Connexus’ commitment to investing in our colleagues’ futures more clearly felt than on our Aspirational Leadership Programme (ALP), run internally by the Connexus Learning & Development Team and just one of many training and learning opportunities available. The ALP – which continued to run remotely throughout the Coronavirus pandemic – is available to all colleagues who are entering management positions for the first time, or who have aspirations to in the future. 6 informative modules bring participants up to speed with the latest in academic management theories, preparing colleagues to undertake their new roles with confidence.

The Aspiring Leadership Programme has given me such a good foundation for understanding how management roles work. Using the knowledge from the course in my everyday work with customers and colleagues has been very satisfying. It's good to work for a business that is genuinely invested in my future.
Vincent Bolton, Communications and Marketing Officer and participant in the Aspiring Leadership Programme

Participants in the ALP complete modules on the relationship between the business and its management, team development, team motivation, effective communication and conflict resolution. Led by Anne Catchpole, Learning and Development Business Partner, the monthly ALP sessions involve a lot of group work, with participants working together to overcome some of the barriers they may face as managers in the future.

The ALP also ensures that the values at the core of Connexus run all the way through the company, from managers through to their teams, and felt by our customers. Connexus and our customers expect our colleagues to be:

Passionate – Delivering what we promise and welcoming new ideas

Respectful – Treats everyone fairly and values differences

Involving – Seeking to understand others’ viewpoints

Determined – Seeking solutions to problems and learning from mistakes

Effective – Delivering high-quality services on-time

Understanding these values helps our aspiring leaders and managers to maintain the customer focus that is at the heart of what Connexus do.

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