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Connexus computers available for local schools

5th February, 2021
Alison Benge (Head of School, Mount Pleasant Primary) with computers donated by Connexus
Alison Benge, Head of School at Mount Pleasant Primary in Shrewsbury with some of the laptops donated by Connexus

With schools closed, up to a million UK pupils are struggling with accessing lessons and learning materials from home because they don’t have adequate computer equipment. Joining the wave of national campaigns to support schools and their pupils through these difficult times, Connexus has donated 6 laptops to Mount Pleasant School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The laptops were no longer suitable for the work performed by Connexus staff but will now be used to assist children with remote learning. The laptops will make learning easier and less stressful for pupils who were sharing their parents’ phones to complete their remote learning.

We're so grateful for the generous donation of laptops from Connexus. We have found that a large number of families have needed support with a device to access the internet for remote learning. In some cases, several children in the household have been sharing devices so it is great to be able to offer additional support.
Alison Benge, Head of School, Mount Pleasant Primary.
Connexus colleague with desktop computers for local schools

The pandemic and lockdown have brought about vast changes to our everyday lives, not least including the vast numbers of us now working from home. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics suggests that over a third of UK workers are now working from home. And that shift in work patterns has meant big changes for UK businesses, including Connexus.

With so many Connexus colleagues now working from home, we needed to change the way we worked. Part of this meant switching previously office-based staff from desktop to laptop computers, giving them that flexibility in the future to work from home or travel into our offices (when restrictions are eased).

But what to do with all those desktop computers? Well, instead of selling them, we donated these computers to schools across Shropshire and Herefordshire, helping improve the quality of pupils computer learning when they can return to the classroom.