Lift safety

We are committed to ensuring that the lifts in our blocks of flats are kept working and safe.  You can help us by reporting any problems with, or damage to, a lift.

Using the lift safely and sensibly

  • Call the lift by pressing the landing button once. It will not go any faster if you keep pressing the button
  • Once the lift has arrived, give the people in it room to get out
  • Each lift has door-edge protection units for added safety; if the infra-red is broken (e.g. someone stands between them) the lift doors will not close
  • Make sure that the lift is not overcrowded. It is quicker to wait 5 minutes than get trapped in an overloaded lift
  • Children must be supervised at all times and kept away from the lift doors. Do not let them play around the lift, or tamper with the lift or its landing call buttons
  • If you, or your family or visitors (including any children), damage or vandalise a lift you will be breaking the conditions of your tenancy. This will put your home at risk. We will also charge you for putting right any damage. The matter may also be dealt with by the police, for example as criminal damage.
  • No smoking in lifts – it is illegal
  • Do not leave rubbish in lifts
  • Report lifts that aren’t working as a repair by contact us using the details here

If you get stuck in a lift

If you are in a lift that gets stuck, do not panic.

  • Do not try and force the door open
  • Press the button for another floor to see if the lift will go there to open the door
  • Press the alarm button you will be connected to a 24 hour helpdesk.
  • Tell the operator your location (e.g. which block and, if known, which floor), which lift car you are in (if known), how many people are in the lift car are there any exceptional circumstances (e.g. is anyone ill or disabled).

The operator will advise you on what action is being taken. They can dial back in to the lift car at any time. If any circumstances change, press the alarm button again and tell the operator. 

Please note: The operator is there is help you, to arrange your release as soon as possible, and will be contacting people to do this. Please do not shout at or abuse them. 

If, afterwards, you would like to discuss the incident please contact your housing office who will ask the appropriate people to contact you.


If you have a stairlift, through floor lift or any other lifting equipment in your home, we are committed to maintain and inspect it, to ensure that it is safe to use and does not pose a hazard.

Depending on the type of equipment in your home, we will service it every 6 months and we may complete a thorough inspection annually.

Please do let us into your property to complete this essential servicing and maintenance.

If you have lifting equipment in your home that we have not inspected, please contact us using the details here and we will put it onto our schedule of inspections.