Electrical re-wire

Connexus aims to provide properties that meet the Decent Homes Standard and fulfil our tenants’ expectations and aspirations. This page explains how we carry any electrical re-wiring of your home.

Prior to any work starting

The survey

The process of rewiring your home will start with a detailed survey carried out by either a Surveyor from Connexus or by an appointed contractor. Each property will be surveyed individually to ensure it receives the work that is necessary to bring it up to the Decent Homes Standard.

Every property is different and so not every home will need the same work to be carried out. This means that your property may not receive the same work as that of your neighbour.

During the survey, our Surveyor will assess your existing electrical system and decide on the level of improvements necessary. Our Surveyor will then inform you of the proposed works needed and offer you any choices that are available.

We have our own Customer Liaison Team who will support you through the improvement works. You can contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

Always request and check the Surveyor’s ID badge. Do not allow anyone into your home if they do not have any identification.

Disability Adaptations

Tell us during the survey if you think you require any adaptions to your property to make your home more comfortable. You can find out more about this on our page Aids & Adaptions.

Electrical rewire

Following the survey, a full electrical rewire is normally required. This means that our contractor has to carry out work in every room because all electrical cables, switches and sockets will be replaced. If it is established that your home only requires minor changes to improve the electrical system only these will be completed. The Surveyor will discuss this with you at the time of the survey.

When the work commences you will have the choice of having either the electrical cables hidden within the walls or placed within plastic conduits that are fixed to the surface of the walls. We fit all electrical switches at a height to match the Lifetime Homes Standard, which is as follows:

  • Light switches height above floor - 1200mm
  • Sockets height above floor - 450mm
  • Consumer unit (fuse box) height above floor – 1500mm (where possible)

If you live in a property that has an upstairs, we will fit the cables within the floor void (where possible). This means the floorboards and floor covering will have to be taken up to lay the cables. We will re-fit your floor coverings.

If you have laminate flooring, it is often not possible to re-use it. Please discuss with the Surveyor the options available to you if the laminate flooring cannot be taken up.

Carrying out the work to your home


The time taken to complete the electrical re-wire from start to finish should be a maximum of 6 working days.


Your obligations

During the work we require you to:

  • Allow us full access during working hours to complete the works
  • Pack away any valuable items
  • Keep children out of harm's way
  • Keep any animals locked away
  • Inform us immediately if you have any concerns

During the Works

We will ensure that:

  • You are given a start date and a completion date for carrying out the work
  • Your home is left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of each working day
  • You are left with a working electrical system overnight
  • We will always respect your home
  • You have contact telephone numbers for both daytime and out-of-hours emergencies
  • We supply cardboard boxes (where required) which can be used to store possessions while the work is completed.

Completion of works

We will carry out a detailed inspection of the improvement to ensure that it is of a high quality and is complete.

Once work is finished, we will invite you to complete a satisfaction survey. This helps us to monitor and improve services to all our customers.

Once both you and we are happy with the finished standard, the improvement will be confirmed as finished.

If you experience any faults following the improvement work, please contact us using the details here and we will arrange for an inspector to visit you.