Carrying out your own improvements

Can I undertake improvements to my home?

As a Connexus tenant, you have the right to request permission to make improvements, alterations and additions to your home. These may be in the form of installing TV aerials, carrying out external decoration and additions or alterations to the property’s fixtures and fittings.

How do I apply to make improvements?

You must apply in writing to your Housing Officer, providing them with full details of your proposed improvement.

Connexus reserves the right to refuse any proposed improvements to our properties but we take your circumstances into account. As it states in your tenancy agreement, permission will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

Do I need planning permission?

Some alterations will require planning permission or consent from another authority e.g. converting a garage to a bedroom. You must confirm this with the Local Authority. If you find that the proposed improvements need planning permission or consent from another authority, e.g. Highways or Building Control, we will need to see a copy of the appropriate paperwork before we give our permission.

If the Local Authority confirms that planning permission is not needed for your proposed alteration; then permission can be given by Connexus. However, if the Local Authority confirms that planning permission is required, then we will withhold permission until planning permission has been gained. Any fees relating to the above must be paid by you.

I have written to you, what’s next?

You must receive our written permission before commencing any alterations. Providing we give our written consent beforehand and all other necessary approvals e.g. Planning Permission and/or Building Regulations approval is received your alterations can take place. To ensure that the works are carried out to a satisfactory manner we will insist on certain conditions being met relating to the materials used and the standard of workmanship.

If we grant you permission to carry out any alterations you have a total of 12 months to complete the works, from date of written permission.

We will carry out a final inspection of the works to ensure it is safe and complies with our terms and conditions. If at this inspection we find the works to be unsafe or not completed to our satisfaction, we may make the area safe and re-charge you for the work.

What types of alterations can I make?

It is common that our tenants want to make alterations to their homes.

Alterations can be varied and for a variety of reasons. Below is a list of the most common requests:

  • Constructing an internal partition wall
  • Converting a shed/outhouse to habitable space/utility area
  • Constructing a driveway in the curtilage of the property
  • Erecting a porch to the main entrance
  • Removing kitchen base units to install additional appliances
  • Installing a different electric shower
  • Removing internal walls - usually to extend lounge/kitchen
  • Installing own kitchen
  • Installing own bathroom
  • Removing a focal point fire
  • Constructing/re-building a porch/conservatory/lean-to
  • Removing windows and installing patio doors
  • Erecting Satellite Dish/Aerial

Important considerations

If you request permission to undertake an alteration then you are responsible for the expense of the work, including obtaining planning permission. Connexus accept no financial liability for the works during or after your period of tenancy.

You will need to maintain any alterations carried out and make sure they are in good order when your tenancy ends.

If at any stage your alteration prevents access for essential maintenance works, you will be asked to temporarily remove it, at your own cost and within a reasonable timescale.

For more information on how to start your application please contact us.