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Wendy Bulman

Domestic Abuse Support Service Manager
Wendy Bulman

When did you start with us?

I started with the company during January 2013

What were your first impressions of the team and company culture?

When I started my first impressions were that I enjoyed the people I worked with and the company as a whole

What’s your career journey been like up until now?


I relocated from Essex and was looking for a role in Domestic Abuse still. I had two opportunities; one with West Mercia Women’s Aid and this one. I chose here as the research I did on both organisations showed this one to be more in line with my beliefs/values.
Wendy Bulman

What have been your impressions of Connexus so far?

As above really.  There have been bumps in the road for all colleagues that I work alongside however I still recommend Connexus to external professionals, agencies, friends and family members as both an employer and a landlord.  Friends of mine are purchasing a shared ownership with Connexus due to me believing we are a good landlord.