Clive Johnson

Independent Living Coordinator
Clive Johnson

When did you start with us?  

I joined the company in February 2017

What were your first impressions of the team and company culture? 

My first impressions of the team and company culture, were of the company being a valuable service provider to the local community in the form of social housing and support

Previously, I had over 20 years with a local Council, primarily employed in Enforcement and Compliance. When I left the Council in 2012, I ended up by chance in support services. I didn’t realise I had an extra talent- that being able to support vulnerable people on housing, care and financial issues.
Clive Johnson

What made you choose to work with Connexus above another company?

Again, just by chance, I started off in Neighbourhood Management on a temporary contract in the Housing Team. As one door closed, I was fortunate enough for another door opening with the company as an Independent Living Coordinator. The role is extremely rewarding. Every day, tasks and support that I do with residents on an Independent Living Scheme can make a difference to their lives. I never get that Monday morning feeling about coming to work anymore!

What have been your impressions of Connexus so far

My impression so far is that the company still has strong roots in the local community and wants to continue to build on that by way of providing more Good Quality Social Housing and Support Services.