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Newsletter | Complaints Procedure

Your feedback allows us to identify key areas where we need to improve and know what we’re doing well. Despite us always working to deliver good quality services, there will be times where we fall short of. Learning from your feedback is important and so we’ll be carrying out a 6 monthly review, updating you on how we’re getting on.  

Here is our latest breakdown of what you’re telling us. 

October 2019 to March 2020 


*From April 2020 the Appeal stage has been removed from our updated approach to dealing with complaints. 

We not only review the number of complaints we receive but also the theme of what they are about is also important 

  • Action (lack of or delay) – 37.6% 
  • Quality of work/service – 20.4% 
  • Communication – 11.8% 
  • Colleague conduct – 10.2% 
  • Policy or procedure 8.1% 
  • Other – 11.8% 

Here are just a few of the ways we have learnt from your feedback: 

  • We provided clarity on our Repairs Policy and will use feedback to shape the new policy due in 2020/21 
  • We simplified our call line, reducing the number of options from 7 down to 3 

We encourage all feedback from customers and have developed the Complaints Policy along with the complaints procedure to ensure that we deal with complaints effectively and fairly. 

For more information on our complaint process, Complaints Policy or details on how to make a complaint contact our Customer Service team or visit our website.