Posted on 17th August 2018

Learning Box in Hereford has provided courses on behalf of Herefordshire Council for the past 3 years. From September 1st 2018, Learning Box won’t be applying to Herefordshire Council for funding to run these courses. This decision has been based on a number of factors including recourses available to meet specification.

Background information
Adult skills and Community Learning courses in Herefordshire are funded by Herefordshire Council. These courses are then delivered by course providers like Learning Box (Herefordshire Housing). Going forwards it’s assumed that another provider will take over the Adult Skills and Community Learning courses. For more information about this process please contact Herefordshire Council.

Job Club
Herefordshire Housing will still provide free computer/internet access from ‘Job Club’ located at the Hinton Community Centre in Hereford. Job Club provides free public access to recourses such as word processing software and a tutor to assist with things such as job applications. Job Club runs each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-4pm.