Coronavirus (COVID-19) - FAQs | Connexus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - FAQs

19th January, 2021

Following the UK Government's announcement of a national lockdown, we're operating with a reduced service for the time being to ensure everyone is safe:

Emergency repairs & safety checks Operating
Lettings, rent & tenancy enquires Operating
Routine external repairs Operating
Urgent aids and adaptations Operating
Routine Internal repairs Paused
Offices and some face to face services Paused


If we are due to meet you and if someone in your household develops COVID-19 symptoms please let us know.

Contact us

Our contact details

All of our contact details can be found here.

Are the offices still open?

Our offices are now closed to the public and our colleagues until further notice.

Are staff still working?

Our staff, where possible are working at home to stay safe and to continue providing essential services to customers.


COVID-19 safety

A huge thank you to all of our customers during this challenging time for their understanding and patience.


For us

When we arrive at your home we will...

  • Make sure we clean any surfaces we come into contact with
  • Wear any necessary protective equipment


For you

It’s all about distance…

  • Just give us a minimum of 2m space at all times
  • Please wipe down any surfaces we're likely to come into contact with before we arrive
  • Open windows to provide ventilation and fresh air into your home
  • Once you’ve let us in, you and anyone else will need to move to a separate room from us (once we’re done, we’ll give you a shout)


I have a non-urgent internal repair scheduled, will it still happen?

We are pausing all internal non-emergency repairs (urgent aids and adaptations continue as will safety checks). We will be contacting you and rescheduling appointments as and when the COVID-19 situation allows.


I'm concerned about paying my rent

These are challenging times and we recognise that some of our customers' incomes may be affected and this will cause concerns about paying rent. We aim to do everything we can to support our customers and help them remain in their homes. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible with any concerns.

Can I contact you about paying my rent?

Yes. If your income has been affected due to the coronavirus contact us here.

Support services

Communal areas & centres

We have closed our community areas in our Independent Living Schemes following the government's guidance on social-distancing, If you have an urgent enquiry please contact us here.

Drop-Ins & Job clubs

We have suspended our Housing Support Drop-Ins and Job Clubs following the government's guidance on social-distancing, If you have an urgent enquiry please contact us here.

I'm self-isolating but need support

If you are self-isolating and need our support urgently contact us here.

If you required medical attention please call 111 or in an emergency 999.


Service Charges

Will I get reimbursed?

Should we not be able to provide all of our services, due to disruption, we will reimburse tenants by adjusting the following years' service charge

I pay a variable charge, will I still qualify?

Yes. Should there be a disruption to our services, customers who pay both a fixed or variable charge will have their following years' service charge adjusted.

How will I be reimbursed? Do I need to do anything?

If applicable, a reduction will automatically be applied to your next years’ service charge and will be reflected in your statement for the year.

Will I still get the reimbursement if my tenancy ends before April 2021?

Any customer who ends their tenancy before 31st March 2021 can expect a calculated refund which will be added to their rent account.

Lettings & Mutual Exchange

Can I still move house?

Our Housing and Lettings teams will continue to work throughout this latest lockdown. Government restrictions mean that these teams will now be working from home and time frames may be slightly longer. We thank you for your patience during this time. 

Outdoor play areas and gyms

Can we still go to the play areas?

Play areas will remain open unless government guidelines advise otherwise. Our outdoor gyms will remain closed until further notice.

Grounds Maintenance 

Will my grass be cut?

Yes. On Monday 18th May 2020 our grounds maintenance teams began to return to work, working safely in line with government guidelines. This will continue through the current national lockdown. As you can imagine there is a backlog of grass to cut and outside areas to maintain. We thank you for your patience.