Posted on 16th October 2018

The newly appointed Interim Chief Executive of Connexus, Duncan Forbes met with Clive Wright, Chief Executive of Shropshire Council and Alistair Neill Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council last week, to not only introduce himself, but to reaffirm that Connexus is committed to working closely in partnership with both councils for the benefit of their communities.

Connexus, brings together two successful housing groups, Herefordshire Housing and Shropshire Housing to form a combined portfolio of some 10,000 homes and with ambitious plans to develop more homes to meet the housing needs of both Herefordshire and Shropshire.  In addition, Connexus and its subsidiary Independence Trust, provide vital personal support to thousands of people in the two counties and the neighbouring counties of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. With over 600 employees, Connexus is also a significant local employer. 

At the meeting the CEO's discussed how Connexus would continue to work in partnership with the councils to support economic development in the area, meet housing needs and provide support and wellbeing service alongside. They committed to exploring innovative solutions to tackle the counties needs including the difficulties faced by those moving into the counties for work to find affordable housing. 

Duncan said "It's been great meeting with Clive and Alistair to discuss how we can assist with meeting housing need, supporting people who need support and promoting economic development in the counties. We are keen to work with both councils to address the issues that each face and support local people and local communities to find local solutions."

Clive reiterated these points by adding, " It was a great opportunity to sit down and discuss the burning issues facing our counties, and i look forward to working with Duncan, and Connexus, in the future". 

Alistair added, " For us it was important to meet with Duncan and to agree how important our relationship with Connexus is. I am really encouraged that we are able to work closely with Duncan and his team on shared priorities in order to maximise joint opportunities and to meet the needs of Herefordshire residents. I am optimistic about our future joint working".