Suppliers and Subcontractors

Connexus has over 10,000 properties across Herefordshire and Shropshire. To keep things running, we work with suppliers and subcontractors.

Simple subcontracting

Simple subcontracting that can help towards your rainy day fund. From time to time we need extra help maintaining our 10,000+ homes. To do this we rely on an excellent team of sub-contractors like yourself. 

We're looking to increase the number of approved local subcontractors that we work with. Just fill in the form below, once we’ve checked and confirmed your details we'll be in touch.

Supplying Connexus

Supplying Connexus

Like other organisations, we go through both tender and procurement processes. Both of these are listed on the appropriate tender portals as and when. Some services however, aren't covered by the above. For example low volume merchandise sales. For things like this, we're happy to take considerations and if appropriate, these will be passed to the relevant colleagues. 

To get started, complete the form below. 

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